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Master your mindset and habits – align with your authentic self – choose to live your best life with a step by step process to create life-long healthy habits!

Are you struggling to get through your day because of fatigue, body aches and brain fog? Do you have limiting beliefs (stories that sabotage your efforts) that stop you from reaching your greatest potential?  Are you putting other people’s needs before your own and feeling drained?  Do you want to start an exercise program but don’t know where to start?  Are you tired of the “diet cycle” and want to learn how to eat to nourish your body and eliminate cravings? Do you want to create easy lasting healthy habits that will enhance your quality of life with more vibrant energy, joy, and positive relationships with yourself and family?

Our Wellness Coaching program takes a holistic approach to your wellbeing with a focus on mindset, nutrition, fitness or yoga, mindfulness, and meditation.

40-Day Wellness Program

  • Daily motivational online posts on private community page (for 40 days)

  • 40-day meditation that will remove subconscious blocks and give you a new perspective on self for optimum health and happiness

  • Video of the 40-day meditation and handout

  • Daily support and accountability

  • 2 in-person private personal training sessions (fitness or yoga) with a personalized program

  • 14-day nutrition reset plan using nutrient dense foods that are easy to prepare

  • 35-page recipe e-book (easy recipes - snacks, breakfast, lunch, dinner & desserts)

  • Meal prep and nutrition tips

  • Mindset tools to help you break through limiting beliefs and create new healthy patterns

  • Easy lifestyle hacks for stress management

  • 40-Day Wellness

    Valid for 6 weeks
If you have more questions, please email us to inquire about our Wellness Coaching program.
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