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WELCOME to Forever Fit Personal Training & Wellness


Our boutique fitness studio boasts 850 sq ft of  bright and welcoming  space to become your personal best. Plenty of windows allow for natural light and an open floor plan provides ample room to move freely. 

State of the art equipment ensures the opportunity for each and every client to experience a positive wellness journey. Forever Fit Personal Training & Wellness has an extensive equipment list, including:​

  • TRX 

  • BOSU

  • Stability balls

  • Medicine balls

  • Kettlebells

  • Equalizer

  • Dumbbells

  • Weight Bench

  • Resistance tubing/bands

  • Yoga bolsters, blocks, straps
  • Sandbells

  • Gliders

  • Pilates small balls

  • Pilates rings

  • Foam rollers

  • Small balls for trigger point therapy 

  • Weighted Body Bar

  • Freestanding Heavy Bag 

  • Boxing gloves

  • Fitness Steps

  • Treadmill

  • Elliptical

  • Hypersphere vibrating ball

  • Yoga mats

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