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30-Day Healthy Habits Program

  • 65Days
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Congratulations on taking the first step to create healthy habits that will improve your health, increase your energy, improve digestion, mood, sleep, and body composition. Our bodies are designed to naturally eliminate toxins, but it can be difficult to detoxify if our bodies are overloaded with toxins from food, environment, stress, poor health & diet. We can support our body by eliminating some of the toxins we ingest, choose foods & herbs that support detoxification and manage our stress. This Healthy Habits Program will help you feel better and look better! With the nutrition guide you will balance your pH levels (more alkaline foods), reduce inflammation, improve digestion, absorb more nutrients and eliminate cravings. You will manage stress, improve sleep and health with mindset, meditation, mindfulness, exercise, breathwork, and yoga. Let's do this, one day at a time, celebrate our wins and have compassion for ourselves if we fall back to old patterns and habits, that is part of the process in creating new healthy habits!

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Create Healthy Habits - 30 day plan

Create Healthy Habits - 30 day plan

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